Bureau Mandate
The Bureau of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee was established by the Oslo Mandate and consists of the Chair of the Committee and representatives of the following countries: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Turkey, and Ukraine, and Spain as permanent observer.
In paragraph 21 of the Oslo Mandate, the ministers responsible for forests in Europe nominated Mr. Jan Heino (Finland) for the chairmanship of the Committee. 

Mr. Jan Heino Phone:  GSM + 358 40 771 4393


Bureau Members
The following Bureau members were nominated in accordance with the Oslo Mandate: 
Mr. Ingwald Gschwandtl of Austria 
Mr. Tomáš Krejzar of the Czech Republic 
Mr. Jacques Andrieu of France 
Mr. Knut Øistad  of Norway
Mr. Piotr Jakubowicz-Paschalis of Poland 
Mr  Ivan Sovetnikov of the Russian Federation 
Mr. Tamer Otrakçier of Turkey
Ms. Lyubov Polyakova of Ukraine
Mr. Jose Maria Solano of Spain, as permanent observer
INC Bureau and Secretariat members during the Bureau meeting in April 2012 in Rome, Italy